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Care Collaboration

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*[ Medocity]: Various modules geared towards Oncology, CHF, COPD, Senior Living, Trials.
*[ Glooko]: Care coordination/management platform for Diabetes population. $36M raised.
*[ Contessa Health]: Outsourced care coordination tech and support services geared towards bundled payment programs
*[ CareSync]: $20M+ raised. Outsourced care management for providers. Concierge record service for consumers.
*[ Chartspan]: PHR for patients, CCM solution for providers. Raised close to $20M.
'''CoachingTech-relatedenabled Services:'''
*[ Omada Health]: Group-based programs for chronic disease prevention (Diabetes). More about the program, less about collaboration.
*[ Lantern]: Programs for Mental Health, just like Omada. No focus on collaboration aspects, except with the Coach.
*[ Vida]: Raised $24.3M. Both consumer and enterprise.
*[ Hinge Health]: Coaching, sensors-based digital care management for musculoskeletal disorders
*[http:// Virta Health]: $37M raised. Ex-founder of Trulia. Focused on reversing Type 2 Diabetes.*[ Farewell]: Diet and Lifestyle coaching programs for chronic conditions. $8M raised.*[ Kurbo Health]: Diet and lifestyle coaching. $5.8M raised. BVP.*[ Cricket Health]: Focused on CKD management. $3.7M raised.
*[ Referrals.MD]: Florida-based referral exchange group. Unclear if they sell software..
*[ Stroll Health]: Allows Primary Care doctors to refer patients for imaging (and possibly other) services. Raised undisclosed amount.
*[ Healthify]: Platform for tracking and coordinating referrals. $3.22M Raised.
*[ ReferWell]: Raised $3.25M in 2017.

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